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Thank you for visiting our product catalog. Here you will find a large selection of lab supplies and accesories to choose from. There are several different categories. We have many more to come so check this page periodically for new items. These are some of our most popular products. Please let us know if there is any tiem you are interested in that is not listed below. Chances are we carry it and will be adding it to our catalog soon.

Accesory kit for compound Microscope
Includes slides and other supplies needed to get started using a student compound microscope.


Cover Glass
Cover Glass - 18x18mm 0.13-0.17 thk. - 1oz. - approximately 100 pcs. - Ground Edges


Biological Culture Kit
Everything you need to grow your own bacteria and mold


Dissecting Kit
11 stainless steel dissecting tools in a genuine leather case.


Plain slides - 1" x 3" box of 72


Slide Storage Box
Slide storage box - 100 slide capacity


Plastic Petri Dishes
100mm diameter with a 15mm lip Pack of 5


Darkfield Kit
For use with H-Series and K-Series Microscopes


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