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Thank you for visiting our product catalog. Here you will find a large selection of models to choose from. There are several different categories of microscope. We have many different compound microscopes. These are some of our most popular units. Please click on a model series below for details. We also carry cordless microscopes for outdoor research.

Compound Lab Microscope Model M-01110

We're real excited about this particular system! Even though the price may fool you, it's a true scientific device...it's not a toy. It's optically equivalent to what you will find in the science classes of most high schools and colleges (literally thousands have been sold for this purpose). With an all metal body and optical-quality glass, it's designed to last many years. It includes a pointer in the eye-piece feature which allows you to point at something you find interesting and then show it to others!

Model M-01110 - $149.95

Cordless Microscope Model LA-01000

These models utilize a set of 3 standard AA alkaline batteries to power the LED light (S-05700) for up to 150 hours operation from each set. The LED element is rated for 100,000 hours life, longer than any other type of illumination. Complete freedom from cords and outlets. Rugged metal frames, precision optical glass lenses and components, locked-on parts. In fitted Styrofoam case with batteries, dustcover and instruction manual. 5-year limited warranty, excluding batteries.

Model LA-01000 - $210.00

Stereo Microscope Model C-01130

Our Microscopes offer an unreversed, upright image ideal for use in dissecting or examing gems, plants, insects, or virtually any three-dimensional specimen. Precision optics provide a wide view field. Metal construction assures years of service at an economical price. The dual focusing knobs feature a rack and pinion mechanism and a special screw locks the head assembly in place to avoid refocusing. These microscopes can be useful in many industrial applications as well as for educational or hobby purposes.

Model C-01130 - $189.95

Cordless Microscope Model LA-01100

This cordless model features a 45° Inclined head rotates 360°. DIN standard 4X, 10X, 40XR objectives are achromatic parfocalled, parcentered, and color-coded. 3-hole objective turret is ball bearing mounted for more precise alignment, has positive click stops. Rack & Pinion coarse focus with tension adjustment, slip clutch, separate fine focus. Large 110mm 120mm (4-3/8 in. x 4-3/4 in.) stage with locked on, spring mounted stage clips. Special in-stage condensing system with iris diaphragm.

Model LA-01100 - $250.00

Stereo Compound Microscope Mocel K-01110

Our Series K Compound Microscopes are equipped with the most popular features and comes with the best feature of all, an amazingly affordable price! These microscopes reach a whole new level of sophistication at this price-point! They include cool fluorescent lighting which provides white light with little heat and super-long bulb life. But don't think we're skimping on quality - these microscopes have laboratory quality optics, top-end features, all metal frame, and a 5 year warranty.

Model K-01110 - $400.00

Digital Microscope Mocel U-02200

With a built-in digital camera these microscopes are a new standard of precision optics, highly engineered mechanics and very rugged construction, they are fully functional microscopes, independent of the camera function. Incorporation of past popular designs and features with a built-in digital camera provides exciting new teaching opportunities. Comes with Images 2000 software Ver. 1 for Windows and Mac. USB port required.

Model U-02200 - $599.95

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